AWS CloudFormation, and Understanding What Service Resources Are Available Per Region

Want better release info on AWS CloudFormation offerings, including new regional updates? Take a look at this GitHub repository!

Derek Ardolf

4 minute read

Would you like to take a look at a human-readable changelog of AWS CloudFormation resource offerings? Take a look here: aws-cfn-resource-specs/

Deploy OpenVPN to AWS with CloudFormation

An old CloudFormation template, created by Linux Academy, gets a facelift

Derek Ardolf

12 minute read

Want to automatically deploy an OpenVPN EC2 instance, running on Amazon Linux 2, to AWS? One that auto-produces an OVPN configuration file that is compatible with OpenVPN Connect, on both Android and iOS? This article is a breakdown of the following CloudFormation template repo:

AWS CloudFormation Resource Specification Auditor

How wanting to generate code from CloudFormation specifications led to auditing AWS documentation with Python and GitHub Actions

Derek Ardolf

7 minute read

NOTE: This post expands on some content previously mentioned in Scraping Docs to Generate PowerShell Help in VaporShell, but doesn’t need to be read to understand what’s happening here.