Python 2 End of Life (EOL): What It Means for You, Plus Services Like AWS Lambda and Heroku

Python 2.7 code freeze, final release in April, serverless runtimes, and more

Derek Ardolf

4 minute read

I just wanted to drop a little post into the universe that support for Python 2.x has officially stopped, and is at End of Life (EOL). What’s this about updates into April 2020? What does this mean for hosted/serverless solutions, like AWS Lambda or Heroku?

HackerRank HackerRant: Finding the Mean, Median, and Mode in Python

Is the top-voted HackerRank solution, for Python 3, overkill? Let's take a look.

Derek Ardolf

7 minute read

HackerRank is an excellent website to create code based on prompt challenges, prepare for coding interviews, search for jobs, and to see how the community has approached the solutions over time. The author wanted to dive into the Python focused solutions, and is in no way affiliated with HackerRank itself.