AWS Lambda: Node.js v8.10 Runtime Approaching End of Life (EOL)

December 31st, 2019 is the day a tombstone is placed.

Derek Ardolf

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I just wanted to drop a little post into the universe that Node.js 8.10 is soon to reach End of Life (EOL), and provide some simple auditing commands.

With the Node.js 12.x now available on AWS Lambda, people should evaluate how they can tweak and migrate their code to work with it. Version 12.x is considered one of the Long-Term Support editions according the the Node.js Release schedule.

What’s This Mean?

Name Identifier End of Life Deprecation (Create) Deprecation (Update)
Node.js 8.10 nodejs8.10 December 31, 2019 January 6, 2020 February 3, 2020

Deprecation occurs in two phases. During the first phase, you can no longer create functions that use the deprecated runtime [as signified by Deprecation (Create)]. For at least 30 days, you can continue to update existing functions that use the deprecated runtime [as signified by Deprecation (Update)]. After this period, both function creation and updates are disabled permanently. However, the function continues to be available to process invocation events.1

Simple Audit

For a simple place to start, when it comes to auditing what AWS Lambdas are using the nodejs8.10 runtime, we can run the following awscli2 command (using default --region, --profile, and --output config values):

# Add --region, --profile, and --output args if needed
aws lambda list-functions --query 'Functions[?Runtime==`nodejs8.10`]'

# -OR-
# If wanting only the names of the functions
# Add --region, --profile, and --output args if needed
aws lambda list-functions --query 'Functions[?Runtime==`nodejs8.10`].FunctionName'

Want an alternate take using PowerShell3 instead? Using the AWSPowerShell4 for Windows or AWSPowerShell.NetCore5 for Linux or Mac OS module:

# Install-Module AWSPowerShell
# -OR-
# Install-Module AWSPowerShell.NetCore

# Add -Region and -ProfileName parameters if needed
(Get-LMFunctionList).where({$_.Runtime -eq 'nodejs8.10'})

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  4. Get AWSPowerShell For Windows: Installing the AWS Tools for PowerShell on Windows [return]
  5. Get AWSPowerShell.NetCore for Linux and Mac OS: Installing AWS Tools for PowerShell on Linux or macOS [return]
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